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all photography, unless stated otherwise, has been taken by me. all images and text on yumyumyummers.wordpress.com are protected and copyrighted under a creative commons license, and the work may not be reproduced or copied, displayed, distributed, or performed for commercial use. if you’d like to use an image from this site, please contact me for permission. unless stated otherwise, all written work and photography from this site must always be attributed to yumyumyummers.wordpress.com. for any questions, please contact yumyumyummers [at] gmail [dot] com.

all opinions and information on this blog are based upon personal views and experiences. however, no information on this site is meant to treat, diagnose, or take the place of your primary care practitioner’s medical or nutritional advice. please consult with your medical professional for specific questions regarding your dietary requirements, fitness plans and/or any medical conditions.


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