yumyumyummers is all about culinary experiments in clean eating & cultural cuisine.

i’ve always been passionate about food (read: foodie, loves to cook) and intrigued by cuisines from around the world. those who know me well know that i have itchy feet (read: jetsetter, loves to travel) and almost always have a camera with me (read: camera-happy, shutterbug). i guess you could say that i’ve become a little more adventurous in recent years when it comes to these three things — food, fotography & travel.

most recently, i’ve been inspired to pursue a more healthy lifestyle through fitness and food. i challenged myself to start the new year off with a half-marathon cross-training program (running, hot yoga, cardio, weight & circuit training) and a 3-week clean-eating cleanse. don’t get me wrong… i’m not super-athletic and the cleanse was not super-regimented by any means. i love food too much. :)  i don’t believe in scales (read: not obsessed about weighing myself every day). and i enjoy my chillax time and afternoon weekend naps as much as most people do. the focus was more on eating healthy, feeling fit, feeling good and having more energy to enjoy life’s little adventures.

the 3-week cleanse was essentially low-carb, low-fat, low-sugar, low-salt, low-dairy, low-alcohol and no red meat. as someone with a sweet-tooth and a love for wine, cheese and the occasional burger, this was a bit of a challenge for me. though at the end of the 3-week cleanse, i felt fantastic and full of energy, and quickly realized that this food and fitness regimen is a lifestyle that i could easily maintain going forward. the key is setting yourself up for success through a realistic program, where you can enjoy things in moderation and not feel like you’re missing out on anything.

i’m also not really one for following recipes to a ‘T’. so as you can imagine, i had to get the creative juices flowing to find simple & inventive ways to cook different healthy dishes, in keeping with the cleanse. in the spirit of having fun, i decided to mix things up by pursuing culinary experiments (read: no-recipe cooking with random ingredients on-hand in my pantry, or a feature ingredient that i’d never tried cooking with before) — sometimes inspired by a recipe or a foto, most of the time literally ‘experiments’ in my kitchen. friends who were following my culinary experiments during this 3-week cleanse expressed interest in these (non)recipes, so i thought what better way to share my love for food, fotography & travel than to start a blog. <enter yumyumyummers> :)

thanks for stopping by my little kitchen party. i hope you enjoy these culinary adventures as much as i do!


  1. looks like our blogs have a lot in common :) i love eating healthy but in a way that satisfies whatever my body has been askin’ for, not just following a bunch of strict rules about what “eating heathily” means


  2. You sound alot like me! I’m glad I found your blog! Good luck to you!


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