recipe roundup: superbowl snacks

In appetizers, culinary experiments, recipe roundup, snacks, sweet treats, tapas on 01.31.12 at 8:48 pm

looking for some healthy snacks for your superbowl party next weekend? check out this roundup of some my fave yumyumyummers recipes for crowdpleasing gameday snacks & munchies… chili. sliders. kale chips. pizza. stromboli. sweet potato fries. a little something for everyone. game on.

ancho chile blackbean chili
baked chipotle basa filet & sweet potato fries
baked kale chips

baked sweet potato fries w/ lemon cilantro aioli
chipotle turkey & tomatillo fajitas
mango pepper guacamole

pistachio lamb burgers
portobello pizzas w/ honey-glazed curry veggies
sauerkraut bison sourdough sliders

seafood naan flatbread
smoked paprika pork & spinach empanadas
spicy chorizo & mushroom pizza

spicy fajita pizza
spicy roasted chickpeas
turkey stromboli

quick poll: what are your fave gameday snacks & appies?

  1. What a great round up. You know I love your pizzas!


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