recipe roundup: more soup for you!

In appetizers, culinary experiments, easy weeknight meals, recipe roundup, side dishes on 01.13.12 at 12:42 pm

i’m not really a chicken-noodle-soup-kinda-gal. and while i wouldn’t say no to a warm bowl of this household fave, i’d much rather nosh on a hearty bowl of clam chowder, slowcooked meaty stew or oh-so-creamy veggie soup. oh yes.

so i thought i’d share a roundup of my fave yumyumyummers recipes for soups and stews. but not to worry, it’s not like that hilarious scene from one of my fave shows on the telly… i won’t make you lineup and place your soup order in a particular way. ;) more soup for you! hope you enjoy these homemade soups as much as i do!

almond butternut squash soup
ancho chile black bean chili
celery broccoli soup
coconut leek & corn chowder

green lentil & veggie soup
roasted acorn squash soup
roasted butternut squash soup
roasted parsnip & carrot soup
roasted tomato bisque 

slowcooked bison stew
slowcooked borscht
turkey & split pea soup
zucchini kale soup 

quick poll: is chicken noodle soup is your favorite kind of soup?

  1. Looks just amazing, every one of them!


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