four-bean & avocado quinoa salad

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happiness. i think i just found my new go-to salad.

so i’m still on my salad kick for the new year… and in the spirit of culinary experiments, i figured i’d try introducing a new healthy ingredient to my kitchen. <drumroll, please…> beans! <toot, toot!> ok, so that’s not the sound of a drumroll, but you get my point. haha! beans are a great source of protein and fibre, though i’ll admit they aren’t a pantry staple in my kitchen. other than the occasional slowcooker chili, i haven’t really ventured into the land of cooking with beans. but, as they say, in with the new year…

here’s an easypeasy salad featuring a hearty bean medley — awesome as a fab side or a main dish. it’s inspired by (and adapted from) a recipe from my fave cooking show on the telly – cbc’s best recipes ever (thanks, kary osmond!).

the quinoa:
– bring to a boil: 1 cup (250mL) organic quinoa & 2 cups water in a small pot (no cover)
– then reduce to simmer, cover pot and cook until the water is absorbed into the grains (approx 10-12 min). it’s ready when the grain is translucent.
– allow to cool, then fluff with a fork

the dressing:
in a large bowl, whisk together the following ingredients:
– 3 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
– 2 tbsp honey
– 1 tbsp organic apple cider vinegar
– pinch of sea salt
– season w/ ground black peppercorns

the salad:
in the same bowl as the dressing, toss together the following ingredients until well combined with the dressing:
– 1 large can (approx 500mL) bean medley (drained, medley includes red kidney beans, romano beans, chickpeas & black-eyed peas)
– 1 cup organic quinoa (cooked)
– 1 haas avocado (pitted, halved, sliced)
– 1 yellow bell pepper (pitted & thinly sliced)
– 1/4 cup fresh organic cilantro (stems removed, finely chopped)
– season w/ 1 tsp ancho chile powder (divided)

adapted from best recipes ever

food styling:
– dish up and serve immediately
– also serves well chilled, or packs nicely as a healthy lunch for the next day! <toot-toot!>

happiness. :)

  1. I’m sold. I love avocado anything!


  2. I can’t WAIT to make this!!! Everything about it sounds delish, thank you for sharing :)


  3. Haha, you’re too funny. I actually find myself cooking with beans a decent amount, but rice and pasta are still higher on the list. This sounds healthy and delicious and I’m particularly fond of the avocado part. There’s a possibility I could put avocado on just about everything. :)


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  6. Yum! Looks like I’ll have to add this to my summer salad roster. :)


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