pumpkin gnocchi w/ mushrooms & spinach

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gnocchi. not as complicated as you think. with a little help from martha. :)

gnocchi is one of those dishes that i’ve always thought was easier (and better) to order at your favorite italian bistro. my friend sam had nothing but great things to say about this simple pumpkin gnocchi recipe from martha stewart. the gnocchi got rave reviews from her adorable three-year-old twins. so i just knew that i had to try out this autumn recipe in my kitchen… and for my friends south of the border, this pumpkin gnocchi would make for a fabulous side dish to go with your thanksgiving turkey! (gobble, gobble.)

adapted from martha stewart recipes

– pre-heat oven to 400F

the pumpkin:
– 1 small pumpkin (cut in half, seeded)

(tip: reserve pumpkin seeds and roast them on a baking sheet at the same time as the squash. see previous yumyumyummers recipe for roasted acorn squash seeds.)

– add 1 tbsp water to each pumpkin half
– place pumpkin halves (cut sides up) in baking pan lined with cooking parchment paper (wrapped around the pumpkin like a present)
– cover baking pan with aluminum foil on top
– roast pumpkin for approx 45min at 400F. remove from oven. allow to cool on cooling rack before handling pumpkin.
– scoop pumpkin puree & reserve in prep bowl. discard pumpkin rind.

the dough:
on a clean, flat surface (eg, cutting board), sift the following ingredients together by hand
– 1 cup all-purpose flour
– 1 cup whole-wheat flour
– 1 tbsp salt (reduce amount if you’re not a big fan of salt)
– fresh ground nutmeg

(tip: use a rasp to grate fresh nutmeg for best flavour, instead of the pre-ground spice.)

– add 2/3 of pumpkin puree to the centre of flour mound
– add 1/2 cup parmigiano reggiano (grated)
– knead together ingredients by hand until ingredients are well incorporated into a round piece of dough (approx 4-5min)
– add a splash of water (optional, if the dough is drying out too much and not sticking together)


the gnocchi:
– bring a large pot of water to a boil
– separate and roll dough into 3-4 logs on a floured surface
– cut dough evenly into small, bite-sized chunks

(tip: best to cut dough into smaller pieces since the gnocchi will expand in the water, as you can see from the photo. i ended up slicing each dumpling in half before serving the dish.)

place gnocchi dumplings in the boiling water
– cook for approx 3-4min until gnocchi rise to the top of water
– use a slotted spoon to remove the gnocchi and drain water
– add gnocchi to large saucepan with the mushroom & spinach cream sauce (see below)

(tip: to save time, you can start making the sauce at the same time when you start boiling the gnocchi.) 

the cream sauce:
– heat up a large saucepan on high heat
– melt 1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter in pan
– add 2 cups crimini mushrooms (sliced)
– add 1 large shallot (peeled, rough chop)
– sprinkle a dash of sea salt
– once mushrooms are tender and buttery, stir in 2 tbsp plain low-fat yogurt to make the cream sauce

– season w/ ground black peppercorns
– add remaining 1/3 of pumpkin puree to the mushrooms
– add 1 cup fresh organic spinach leaves
– saute until spinach leaves wilt and turn a darker green
– add gnocchi to pan and fold into the cream sauce until well combined
– season w/ freshly ground nutmeg to taste
– generously sprinkle parmigiano reggiano (grated)
– remove from heat & serve immediately


food styling:
– for a more rustic look, i like to dish up gnocchi into small individual ramekins.
– or for a sharing feast, place the gnocchi in a large, shallow serving bowl.
– season w/ ground black peppercorns
– garnish w/ parmigiano reggiano (grated)

adapted from martha stewart recipes

  1. Those turned out beautifully! (Not that I’m surprised!)


  2. I love gnocchi! Especially the seasonal variety. This looks wonderful.


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