lamb ribs w/ spiced pomegranate

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you just never know who you’ll meet at the market… and no, i’m not talking about the meat market, my friends. ;)

it was a local organic foods market — casel marché in calgary’s inner-city. i’d say it wasn’t your typical monday evening; however this is typically how mondays take shape at this neighbourhood marché. the community-minded owners organize weekly tweetups called #interactiveMonday, with the goal of meeting and bringing together 500 random friends and neighbours by the end of the year. (impressive, i say!) this was my first time checking out a tweetup ever, so i’ll admit that i was a little unsure of what to expect from essentially a dinner with strangers. but i was delighted to meet 12 new wonderful people from the local community who share a passion for good food and support the local food movement. cheers!

later that week, i created this hearty dish at home — pairing some organic, local ingredients from the market with some goodies from my pantry. check it out…

en papillote (french for ‘in parchment’) is a cooking technique where you bake food in a folded parchment paper bag (placed in a baking dish) and essentially steam the ingredients to lock-in the juicy flavours. although some may think it’s fancy-schmancy, it’s quite a simple way to prepare fish, poultry and also lamb ribs! perfect for an easy weeknight meal or sunday dinner…

– pre-heat oven to 400F

the ribs:
– 1 large rack of lamb ribs

the marinade:
whisk together the following ingredients in a small prep bowl:
– 2-3 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
– splash of chardonnay
– 1 tsp dean & deluca quatre épices (spice blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and black pepper)

the quinoa:
– bring to a boil: 1 cup (250mL) organic quinoa & 2 cups water in a small pot (no cover)
– then reduce to simmer, cover pot and cook until the water is absorbed into the grains (approx 10-12 min). it’s ready when the grain is translucent.
– allow to cool, then fluff with a fork


while the quinoa is cooking, bake the lamb ribs…

– carefully place lamb ribs onto cooking parchment paper, in a baking dish
– brush the marinade on both sides of the lamb ribs, using a pastry brush
– pour remaining marinade over the ribs
– add 1/4 white onion (rough chop) over ribs
– sprinkle 1/2 tsp quatre épices over ribs
– add juice & seeds from 1/2 fresh pomegranate (remove core & pith)
– add dash of sea salt
– season w/ ground black peppercorns
– fold cooking parchment paper into a packet & tightly fold paper bag inside baking dish
– bake lamb ribs for 20-25min at 400F, or until lamb is cooked to your preference


food styling:
– place a bed of quinoa on a serving platter
– add lamb ribs on the quinoa
– garnish w/ pomegranate seeds & onions from the baking dish
– pairs nicely w/ elderflower sparkling water

  1. This sounds awesome, I adore lamb ribs.


  2. Mmmm! And I just bought a box of pomegranates today. :)


  3. Gorgeous recipe, very inventive!


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