summer squash & sausage fried rice

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summer in autumn. kinda, sorta.

just because the leaves have already changed colours this autumn, doesn’t mean that the vibrant colours of summer can’t find their way back into your cooking! i found a fantastic batch of green and yellow summer squash in the produce aisle and just knew they would be perfect for my next culinary experiment. the leftover jasmine rice from the night before meant one thing… fried rice!

the summer squash:
– heat up 1.5 cups water in a large wok on high heat
– add 3 cups summer squash to wok and blanch squash for 1-2 min
– remove squash from wok and place squash in large bowl of ice-cold water (ice bath to stop the cooking process)
– brown 1/4 white onion (thinly sliced) in wok w/ 2 tsp extra-virgin olive oil
– add the blanched squash to wok
– add a dash of sea salt
– season w/ ground black peppercorns
– sauté summer squash w/ onions in wok for 4-5min until squash semi-firm

the sausage:
– add 1.5 cups white wine salami sausage (sliced in half-moons) to squash & onions in wok
– season w/ ground black peppercorns
– stir-fry sausage w/ squash & onions for a few min
– add 1-1.5 cups leftover steamed jasmine rice to other ingredients in wok
– stir-fry & fold ingredients together until well combined and rice is lightly toasted

the rice:
– if you don’t have any leftovers on-hand, steam 1.5-2 cups jasmine rice (i use a rice cooker to keep it simple.)

(tip: to save time, you may want to start cooking the jasmine rice at the same time as the other ingredients. or, you can also cook the rice the night before; just make sure you give it a bit of time to get to room temperature after removing from the refrigerator. you can also substitute with brown rice instead, if you’re looking for a whole-grain option and a better source of fibre.)

food styling:
– dish up fried rice into a soup bowl
– or for a sharing feast, place the fried rice in a large, shallow serving bowl.
– season w/ ground black peppercorns

  1. You always find the best looking sausage. Great dish.


  2. I concur with Greg…the sausage looks so good. Tasty sounding recipe!


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