berry berry french toast

In breakfast, brekkie, brunch, culinary experiments on 10.16.11 at 9:53 am

it was all smiles at the breakfast table. berries, vanilla yogurt & fresh sourdough – wouldn’t that make you happy, too? :)

french toast was the name of the game for weekend brunch. the taste & texture of sourdough bread is perfect for french toast — soaking up the egg and complementing the flavourful toppings. i love the locally-made, artisan sourdough from sidewalk citizen bakery. there’s something really comforting about aviv’s artisan bread. pair that with some lovely greek yogurt and fresh berries and you’ve got some pretty stellar ingredients for a delish french toast!

prep the toast:
– whisk 2 small eggs w/ ground cinnamon in prep bowl
– soak 2 thick slices of artisan sourdough bread (on both sides, until egg mixture is absorbed into bread)

the filling:
– 2 tbsp strawberry greek yogurt (sandwiched in between toasted sourdough slices)
– 1/2 cup fresh strawberries (hulled & sliced, sandwiched in between, reserve some strawberries for garnish)

– melt 2 tsp of unsalted butter in large saucepan
– add sourdough slices to pan for 1-2 min on each side, or until egg-soaked bread is toasted golden brown.

(tip: if you have any leftover egg mixture in the prep bowl, feel free to pour it over the bread in pan at start of cooking.)

– double ingredient quantities above for 2 servings

food styling:
– top w/ dollop of vanilla greek yogurt
– garnish w/ french strawberries (sliced) & fresh blueberries
– lightly dust w/ icing sugar
– drizzle organic maple syrup over french toast (optional)

(tip: use a small mesh strainer with the icing sugar for a more ‘dusted’ effect. i didn’t have one handy that day, so i just sprinkled the icing sugar using my fingers. it was a little messy. oops. oh well, the french toast tasted yummy anyways!)

  1. What a great start to the day.


  2. Such vibrant colors! What a wonderful breakfast.


  3. Pretty sure I’d be all smiles as well if this were served at my breakfast table. That bread looks amazing, btw!


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