chicken & chinese broccoli in black bean sauce

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it’s chinese takeaway — minus the cool takeaway box, but homecooked with fresh ingredients.

one of my favorite things about holiday long weekends is indulging in fantastic, homecooked meals at mom & dad’s place. this thanksgiving long weekend, for pre-turkey-day eats, my dad cooked up his specialty dish — chicken & chinese broccoli in black bean sauce. so good. here’s the easypeasy recipe for this family fave…

the chicken:
– bring water to a boil in a large pot
– cut 3-4 lean chicken breasts into cubes
– add chicken cubes to boiling water and cook chicken for approx 10min
– remove chicken from water & set aside
– reserve chicken stock for the stirfry

(tip: stirfry chicken strips work well with this recipe, too.) 

the greens:
– bring lightly-salted water to a boil in a large wok
– add 1 bunch of gai lan or chinese broccoli to wok (bottom edges trimmed, leaves & stalks snapped in halves)
– blanch greens for 2-3min until water returns to a boil
– remove greens from boiling water, and transfer to ice-cold water to stop the cooking process
– allow to cool down in ice-cold water for a few min, until the greens turn a vibrant colour

the black bean sauce:
– soak 1 tbsp dried black beans in warm water for approx 8-10min

(tip: you can typically find dried black beans at the asian food market. another option is to use canned black beans, which you might find in the ethnic foods aisle at your local grocery store. if you use canned black beans, there’s no need to soak them first.)

– drain water from black beans before adding the rest of the ingredients to prep bowl
– add 1 tbsp tapioca starch
– add a splash of soy sauce
– add 2 tsp oyster sauce
– whisk together ingredients until well combined and the sauce turns a light brown colour

the stirfry:
– heat up 1/2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil in large wok on high heat
– add 1/2 white onion (sliced) and 2 tbsp fresh ginger (julienne-cut) to wok
– add 1 tbsp black bean garlic paste to onions & ginger

(tip: you can typically find black bean garlic paste at the asian food market, or in the ethnic foods aisle at your local grocery store.)

– add boiled chicken cubes to the ingredients in wok
– then pour the black bean sauce evenly over the chicken
– stir frequently and then add 1/2 cup chicken stock to smooth out the starch in the black bean sauce


– add the chinese broccoli to the chicken in wok


– stirfry ingredients for a 3-5min until chicken is browned

food styling:
– dish up chicken & chinese broccoli in a large serving bowl
– grab some chopsticks & chow down! :)

  1. I much rather prefer your homemade version to take-out Chinese. This sounds absolutely delicious. xx


  2. They sell those boxes if you really want them. This looks just wonderful.


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