fennel & salmon spinach salad w/ israeli couscous

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ok, so i’m on a bit of a fennel kick. this time around, i thought i’d go the raw route with some leftover fennel. so. good.

this simple summer salad made for an easypeasy weeknight meal. perfect for a light dinner on the sunny balcony. here’s how…

the couscous:
in a small pot, add the following ingredients:
– 1/2 cup toasted israeli couscous (uncooked)
– 1 cup water w/ a dash of salt

– bring to a boil. once boiling, reduce heat & simmer for approx 15min until the water is absorbed into couscous grains.

the salmon:
– while the couscous is cooking, heat up a large saucepan on medium heat
– add 1-2 tbsp raspberry wine vinegar to pan
– add 2 medium-sized fillets of fresh atlantic salmon to pan
– season w/ herbes de provence
– sauté salmon fillets until they lighten slightly in colour on outside & opaque in center (but do not overcook)
– turn sides to cook evenly, about 3min per side
– remove from heat & allow salmon to cool for a few minutes before flaking & adding to salad

the fennel:
– remove white fennel base from green stems & fronds
– slice bulbs into quarters along the vertical and remove the inner core

food styling:
– toss raw fennel, cooked israeli couscous, chopped heirloom tomatoes & flaked salmon w/ organic baby spinach leaves in large mixing bowl
– season w/ sea salt
– drizzle lightly w/ raspberry wine vinegar
– pairs well w/ chilled ginger ale

  1. I’m always on a fennel kick just got a nice bunch of it today! Great recipe!


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