halo halo

In desserts, ethnic food, snacks, sweet treats, vegetarian on 08.07.11 at 2:23 pm

halo halo = mix mix. this popular filipino frozen dessert is the perfect icy treat for an impromptu kitchen party. and that’s exactly what we did recently on a hot summer weekend with the family. i scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream? after this, you’ll all scream for halo halo. :)

my parents have this handy ice shaver that’s great for making halo halo, margaritas & other frozen cocktails. you can typically find one in an asian food market.

the goodies:
– plenty of shaved ice
– chickpeas (garbanzo)
– jackfruit (langka)
– coconut gel
– purple yam (ube)
– sweet beans
– 1 can evaporated milk

(tip: mix it up. there are many different combos of flavours that you can experiment with for halo halo. leche flan, plantains, tapioca, ice cream… be creative.)

mix it up:
– similar to a parfait, halo halo is all about the colourful layers. add a little bit of each sweet fruit ingredient to the bottom of each tall glass.
– add shaved ice, and then top with purple yam and some of your fave toppings
(tip: this is a great dessert for a dinner party or family bbq. let your guests make their own halo halo, so they can choose which ingredients they want to include in their glass.)

– generously drizzle evaporated milk on top of the ice & fruit
– insert a tablespoon in each glass and it’s ready to serve!
– to eat and enjoy halo halo, stir the ingredients well in your glass to get a good fruity mix in every bite.

quick — eat it now before it all melts! :)

  1. That’s so novel. OK, for me as an American. Looks super cool!


    • it’s funny, because as a kid in your average canadian suburban neighbourhood, i was so mesmerized by the sound of the ice cream truck driving down the street on summer days. it wasn’t until i was older that i truly appreciated halo halo for the awesome (and unique!) frozen dessert that it is. :)


  2. Never heard of this, but it sounds awesome! Love that your parents had an ice shaver on hand. That would definitely be useful for get togethers and parties!


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