prosciutto & melon bites

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you don’t even need to twist my rubber arm to eat prosciutto… i love, love, love prosciutto. which is surprising, since i’m not a huge fan of salty food. perhaps that’s why i love this simple summer appy so much. it strikes a good balance of sweet & salty with the fresh cantaloupe & the smoked prosciutto. delish.

the dish is easypeasy…

– 1/2 small cantaloupe (peeled, seeded, cut into bite-sized chunks)
– 3-4 strips of smoked prosciutto (torn into small pieces)
– wrap melon chunks w/ smoked prosciutto
– season w/ ground black peppercorns
– pairs well w/ freshly-squeezed orange juice and/or your fave bubbly… and, of course, a sunny patio!

this summer dish reminds me of vacationing in bella italia a few years ago and all the wonderful, fresh food there. grazie to fellow blogger greg at rufus’ food and spirits guide for the foodie inspiration from a truly fruitastic post.

  1. A classic – perfect.
    :-) Mandy


  2. I remember seeing this on Greg’s site. Thank you for the reminder that I wanted to make this. I’m with you – not a huge fan of overly salty foods, but there’s something about prosciutto! :)


  3. Great little snack! Looks delicious.


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