pomegranate cottage cheese parfait

In breakfast, brekkie, brunch, culinary experiments, desserts, snacks, sweet treats, vegetarian on 07.29.11 at 8:54 am

sometimes the best things are so simple. dessert-for-breakfast to kickstart your day with something sweet? oh yes.

inspired by a previous yumyumyummers brekkie parfait, this is a simpler version using fresh pomegranate seeds — a new ingredient in my kitchen. what a perfect pre-workout snack, along with a fruit smoothie, before my spin+yoga class this morning.

the parfait goodies:
– 2 tsp fresh pomegranate seeds
– 2.5 tbsp low-fat cottage cheese

food styling:
– in a small teacup, start layering the parfait by adding a dollop of low-fat cottage cheese at the bottom
– add a layer of fresh pomegranate seeds
– continue alternating layers of cottage cheese & pomegranate seeds
– top w/ a small dollop cottage cheese & pomegranate seeds
– double ingredient quantities & repeat food styling for 2 servings

hooray for dessert-for-breakfast! pretty easy, huh? :)

  1. Cottage cheese is one of my favorite snacks! So you know I just love this.


  2. this looks so yummy, might have to try it out, it looks so simple!


  3. Cottage cheese and Ruffles (chips) are one of my favorite snacks. Everyone thinks it’s weird/gross, but trust me, if you like cottage cheese, it’s delicious! I think it’s the difference in textures that’s nice. Anyways, this looks great too (and healthier)!


    • cottage cheese & ruffles?! hmmm… sounds interesting, but i’ll take your word for it, caroline! perhaps i might have to test-drive that recipe this weekend. :)


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