roasted balsamic carrots

In culinary experiments, gluten-free, roasting, side dishes, vegan, vegetarian on 07.15.11 at 10:52 am

“carrots!” a fave in many ways… it reminds me of a funny scene in one of my fave books from childhood, anne of green gables. it’s also my go-to raw veggie for the afternoon munchies. and carrots are also pretty fabulous as a roasted veggie.

i found a gorgeous bunch of rainbow organic carrots on a recent trip to the new organic market in town — casel marché. i was drawn to the vibrant colours of the carrots and figured it would make for a beautiful side dish for my roasted chicken dinner that evening.

preheat oven to 375F

prep carrots:
– wash carrots well. trim off the leafy greens & rooted ends
– place carrots in a roasting pan lined w/ cooking parchment paper
– drizzle balsamic vinegar & brush evenly w/ pastry brush
– season w/ ground black peppercorns
– add a dash of sea salt

roast carrots:
– roast carrots at 375F for 12-15min
– remove from oven & allow to cool on rack before handling

food styling:
– serve w/ roasted balsamic carrots on the side (chopped on diagonal)
– pairs well w/ rosemary camembert chicken (check out the yumyumyummers recipe)

  1. These carrots are gorgeous!! I love the variety of colors. I’ve never tried balsamic, I usually just glaze them in butter, but this is probably much healthier. :)


  2. I love the purple ones! Such a nice, simple, tasty recipe too.


  3. Now this sounds like my kind of way to eat carrots. I’ve never seen carrots in these colors before – beautiful!


  4. Roasted carrots are a favorite or mine. Adding balsamic vinegar must really add to the flavor and sweetness.


    • thanks for visiting, karen! i’m a big fan of balsamic flavours. it definitely enhanced the sweetness of the carrots. have you tried other types of flavours & seasoning with roasted carrots?


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