apricot & chicken apple sausage pizza

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for the record, the pink peppercorns on this pizza were inspired by don cherry’s pink floral blazer à la stanley cup final. :) 

yes, i’m canadian. and yes, i love the good ol’ hockey game. and what better way to (peacefully) celebrate tonight’s stanley cup final than with some homemade pizza and some local beer. although the canucks didn’t bring home the cup tonight, it’s still a fun annual tradition to watch a bunch of happy, grizzly-bearded dudes on skates hollering and hoisting the stanley cup in victory on the ice. well done, boys.

ok, back to the pizza… :)

some fresh pizza dough from itza bakeshop made for a fantastic base in tonight’s culinary experiment. add some organic chicken apple sausage, fruits & veggies from the local farmers’ market and you’ve got a pretty fantastic powerplay of a meal. um, ok, that was a little cheesy. pun intended. ;)

prep the sausage:
– heat up 1 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil (evoo) in large saucepan on high heat
– add 1 clove garlic (peeled, diced) and sauté til slightly browned
– add organic chicken apple sausage (4-5 links, sliced rounds) to pan
– season w/ ground black peppercorns & dash of sea salt
– drizzle 3 tbsp of lager beer over sausage (i used some local honey wheat ale)
– sauté chicken sausage w/ garlic for 8-10min, or until cooked through
– remove from heat & set aside

prep the toppings:
– 2 tbsp fresh french tarragon (stems removed, leaves finely chopped)
– 1 bunch of scallions or green onions (rooted end removed, rough chop)
– 3 fresh organic apricots (pitted, sliced)
– 1/2 cup organic cherry tomatoes (sliced into halves)
– 75-100g chèvre frais (fresh goat cheese, at room temperature)

– preheat oven to 400F

prep the dough:
– sprinkle some whole-wheat flour on a clean surface before rolling out the pizza dough
– using a rolling pin, flatten out the dough into a thin, round pie
– sprinkle some more flour on the dough pie, flip over before applying the rolling pin again
– place the prepped dough pie on a pizza stone (at room temperature) or a round baking pan

prep the pie:
– spread 1 tbsp low-fat, plain yogurt on the dough pie (instead of traditional pizza sauce)
– sprinkle 1 tbsp fresh french tarragon (chopped)
– sprinkle 1/2 of green onions (chopped)
– season w/ ground pink peppercorns
– crumble 1/2 of chèvre frais
– add sauteed chicken sausage rounds
– add cherry tomatoes & apricot slices

– crumble remaining portion of chèvre frais over toppings
– sprinkle remaining portion of chopped french tarragon & green onion
– season w/ ground pink peppercorns

(tip: you’ll likely have some leftover chicken apple sausage. reserve in the fridge for a rice bowl or pasta dish the next day.)

– bake pizza at 400F for 20min, or until crust is golden brown
– remove from oven & allow to cool on rack before slicing pizza

food styling:
– season w/ ground pink peppercorns
– pairs well w/ honey wheat ale or your fave red vino

  1. Love it! I was inspired to actually buy a pink blazer, kidding. I like how this is creamy without being super heavy. And the apricots, very cool!


    • apparently pink blazers are making a comeback. :) i wasn’t quite sure how the apricots would fare on a pizza, but they actually paired really nicely with the chicken apple sausage & the chevre.


  2. So many great things about this pizza. Sounds like it was a great meal to eat while watching the game! Bummer about the loss.


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