strawberry cinnamon french toast

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fresh strawberries! one of my fave things about summertime are the crates and crates of fresh strawberries at the farmers’ market. mouthwatering goodness. and it seems to inspire strawberry-infused everything — strawberries for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, bevvies, or just on their own. check out this easypeasy, strawberry-infused brunch that incorporates both fresh ingredients and some pantry basics…

unlike the savory & sweet french toast recipe from a few weeks ago, i used more traditional sweet flavours this time around. cinnamon. strawberries. maple syrup. sourdough. how can you go wrong? :)

the taste & texture of sourdough bread is perfect for french toast — soaking up the egg and complementing the flavourful toppings. i love the locally-made, artisan sourdough from sidewalk citizen bakery. there’s something really comforting about aviv’s artisan bread and it’s inspiring to see someone so passionate and community-minded about food.

prep the toast:
– whisk 1 large egg in medium prep bowl
– soak 2 thick slices of artisan sourdough bread (on both sides, until egg mixture is absorbed into bread)

– melt 2 tsp of light margarine in large saucepan
– add sourdough slices to pan for 1-2 min on each side, or until egg-soaked bread is toasted golden brown.

(tip: if you have any leftover egg mixture in the prep bowl, feel free to pour it over the bread in pan at start of cooking.)

the filling:
– 1/4 cup light cottage cheese (sandwiched in between toasted sourdough slices, reserve some cheese for topping)
– 1 cup fresh strawberries (hulled & sliced, sandwiched in between, reserve some strawberries for garnish)
– drizzle organic maple syrup over toast sandwich

– double ingredient quantities above for 2 servings

food styling:
– top w/ remaining cottage cheese
– garnish w/ french strawberries (sliced)
– lightly dust w/ ground cinnamon

(tip: use a small mesh strainer for a more ‘dusted’ effect. or if you don’t have one, just sprinkle cinnamon using your fingers. as you can see from the foto below, this time i got a little carried away with the cinnamon dusting! oops.)

  1. Oh that filling looks wonderful. And cottage cheese is light, so I bet this has no calories. (Hee, hee.)


  2. I love strawberry season. So many fun and delicious dishes you can make with the fruit. This sounds amazing!


  3. I might have to try that with some crème fraiche!


  4. I would be tempted to pick this up like a burger and take a big bite! Not very lady-like I know but when something looks that good, you just want to dig in.
    :-) Mandy


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