grilled pistachio mahi mahi & pineapple rice

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it all started with the coconut-flavoured m&m’s… my buddy raj recently got back from hawaii and brought back some chocolate from the island — and apparently some tropical culinary inspiration! (and to answer your question — no, there aren’t any coconut m&m’s in this mahi mahi recipe. although that could be an interesting twist. haha)

so i found some frozen fillets at the grocery store and thought the mahi mahi would make for a yummy yummy culinary experiment. i’ve eaten mahi mahi before while traveling the westcoast, but this was my first try at cooking this whitefish at home. here’s my tropical-inspired, i-wish-i-was-in-maui mahi mahi dish… aloha! :)

mahi mahi marinade:
whisk together the following ingredients in large prep bowl:
– extra-virgin olive oil (evoo)
– dash of sea salt
– pinch of cayenne pepper
– ground black peppercorns
– 1/2 cup crushed pistachios (deshelled, crushed w/ mortar & pestle)

– place 4 thawed fillets of mahi mahi in marinade, using a pastry brush to cover both sides evenly

grill ‘em up:
– heat up indoor grill for 5min (or follow the instructions for your particular model of indoor grill.)
– place marinated mahi mahi fillets (encrusted with pistachios) on indoor grill & close the grill-press, so both sides will cook at the same time
– grill for approx 7-8min until fillets are cooked through
– remove fillets from grill & set aside (covered).

(tip: you may need to grill the fillets two at a time, depending on the size of grill.)

the pineapple:
although i’m a big fan of fresh, juicy pineapple in the summertime, i’m a novice when it comes to cutting a pineapple properly. thanks to fellow foodie blogger katrina at splashofsomething.com for some helpful tips on how to choose and prepare a pineapple.

– place fresh pineapple (2-3 sliced rounds) on indoor grill & close the grill-press, so both sides will cook at the same time
– grill pineapple for 3-4min
– remove from grill & set aside to cool before chopping pineapple slices into chunks

japonica-orzo blend:
i had some leftover orzo and black japonica rice (combo of black & mahogany rice) from a previous dish. i thought the mushroom flavours of the japonica would balance nicely with the neutral orzo, and the contrasting yin-yang colours of the japonica-orzo blend would look great with the vibrant yellow pineapple & green pistachios.

here’s how i cooked the japonica-orzo blend…

the japonica:
– add 1 cup black japonica rice & 2 cups of water to pot
– add dash of sea salt
– bring to a boil (covered)
– once boiling, stir once & reduce heat to simmer. replace lid & simmer for 45min until water is absorbed into grains.
– remove from heat & allow to sit for approx 10min before removing lid. set aside.

the orzo:
– boil 4 cups water in large pot
– add 1.5 cups uncooked orzo to boiling water
– cook for approx 10-12min until orzo is plump & tender (do not overcook)
– drain well and rinse off starchy water. set aside.

– combine 50:50 ratio of black japonica rice w/ orzo
– mix together & fluff w/ fork 

food styling:
– place grilled pistachio-encrusted mahi mahi fillet over a bed of black japonica-orzo blend
– add fresh pineapple chunks on the side
– garnish w/ fresh blackberries
– season w/ ground black peppercorns
– pairs nicely w/ a sweet white wine or a fruity tropical bevvie

ps — one fresh pineapple can go a long way. this is the first in a series of three pineapple-infused recipes from yumyumyummers. stay tuned!

    LOVE IT!
    please stop by and say hi.


  2. What a perfect pairing! Beautiful recipe.


  3. […] i’d put my improv skills to the test and wing-it with some leftover grilled mahi mahi from a previous culinary experiment. here’s my take on mahi mahi […]


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