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i’m a pretty happy camper today. after 16 weeks of intense cross-training in conditions ranging from the winter deepfreeze to chilly spring rain to super-sunny humid temps, today i ran my first-ever half-marathon. yay! :)

so i thought i’d celebrate today’s big 21K finish by sharing my fave recipes for runners. these healthy snacks give me the energy boost to help me through the cross-training and day-to-day stuff in general. and the recipes are now a regular part of my fitness-friendly diet… i guess you could say i’m a granola-&-oatmeal-lovin’-salad-&-smoothie-fanatic. hope you enjoy these yummies as much as i do!

oatmeal & granola yummies:

fruit & veggie smoothies:

fresh salads, wraps & other yummies:

healthy snacks & appies:

hope you enjoy my fave recipes for runners… from one granola-&-oatmeal-lovin’-salad-&-smoothie-fanatic to another. :)
what are your fave healthy snacks? any other fab recipes for runners to recommend?
  1. Wow, congrats! Wonderful roundup too!


  2. Thanks for sharing all of these delicious snacks! Everything looks healthy and delicious. The wraps look particularly fantastic!


  3. This looks great! Can’t wait to try those bars! Fab site- Glad I visited.


    • the baked sweet oatmeal bars are my fave. i make a batch on sundays and it keeps well in the fridge for a few days, so i have snacks to-go for the week. thanks for stopping by! looking forward to checking out the southern recipes on your blog!


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