mackerel orzo smokestack

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there’s something about stacked food that feels a little gourmet… and the great thing is that it’s easier than you think. :)

i’m a newbie when it comes mackerel. i recently found some smoked mackerel fillets at a surprisingly cheap price from the fish vendor at the local farmers’ market. so it wasn’t a difficult decision to bring home some smoked mackerel for another culinary experiment. the salty taste of the smoked mackerel balances well with the sweetness of baby organic carrots and the peppery flavour of fresh watercress. read on, fellow foodies, to see how this ‘smokestack’ came to be…

the orzo:
– boil 4 cups water in large pot
– add 1.5 cups uncooked orzo to boiling water
– cook for approx 10-12 minutes until orzo is plump & tender (do not overcook)
– drain well and rinse off starchy water. set orzo aside.

prep fish & veggies:
– 2 fillets of smoked mackerel (remove skin & flake)
– 1/2 cup baby organic carrots – julienne (think: long, thin matchsticks)
– set aside

food styling:
– plate a bed of fresh watercress sprigs
– to create an orzo ‘tower’, pack the cooked orzo into a small ramekin, teacup or food stacker. turn upside down onto plate, over bed of watercress sprigs.
– top w/ flakes of smoked mackerel
– garnish w/ julienne-cut carrots
– season w/ ground black peppercorns
– repeat food styling for 2 servings

ta-daaa! your very own mackerel orzo smokestack. enjoy!

  1. That looks wonderful. I love orzo and smoked fish. Great presentation.


  2. Love it! That looks and sounds delicious and easy. Thanks!


  3. Beautifully plated. I love mackerel so really nice to have a new way of serving it.
    :-) Mandy


    • thanks, mandy! i’m guessing that you get some fantastic variety in local fish on the island. will you be posting more seafood recipes soon?


      • There are a few varieties available – some I would be hesitant to eat though – I was taught that you don’t eat a colourful fish as more often than not it will be poisonous. We are returning home to the Eastern Cape at the end of June and will have fish available to me again that I know better and will definitely post more fishy recipes. :-)


  4. I love fish, and mackerel too:p Yeah, I know, there’s always something so gourmet and professional about stacked food since we always get them in most classy dining!! It really depends on how it’s stacked; sometimes they make me feel stuffed even before I take a bite, from the enormous stacks:p
    Don’t worry, yours is definitely the gourmet kind:)


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