sauerkraut bison sourdough sliders & roasted fennel

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mmmm… can you smell that fantastic aroma from the bbq? that means summer must be just around the corner. :) the perfect time for bbq burgers on the grill — or those awesome mini-burgers aka sliders.

i picked up some free-range ground bison at the local farmers’ market and decided to get my burger fix on with a little culinary experiment slider-style! sauerkraut bison sliders on open-faced sourdough with roasted fennel on the side. so good. check it out…

roasted fennel:
– the fennel will take approx 30-35min for prep/cooking time, so best to start the fennel before the slider prep. check out the previous yumyumyummers recipe for roasted fennel. easypeasy recipe and a fantastic side dish for these sliders.

slider prep:
combine the following ingredients in large prep bowl:
– 1.5 lbs free-range ground bison
– 2 cloves of garlic (minced)
– 1 tsp dijon mustard
– 1 tsp old-style mustard
– 1 tsp blue poppyseeds
– 1 tsp montreal steak spice
– dash of sea salt
– season w/ ground black peppercorns
– drizzle 1 tsp extra-virgin olive oil (evoo)

(tip: fold & combine ingredients until well-incorporated. best to use your hands to combine ingredients in prep bowl. remember that you’re handling uncooked meat here, so be sure to wash your hands before handling the fennel again.)

patty ’em up:
– roll bison mixture into 4 large meatballs (approx 2- to 2.5-inches in diameter)

(tip: a bit larger than the size of a golf ball, but definitely smaller than a tennis ball.)

– arrange meatballs approx 2-3 inches apart on a plate
– use the palm of your hand to flatten each meatball into a slider patty

(tip: you’ll likely have leftover bison mixture after making 4 slider patties. you could make extra patties, or regular-sized meatballs for another meal. i used the extra mixture to make bison meatballs for another dish — stay tuned for that recipe in another post!)

believe it or not, i don’t have an outdoor bbq. surprising, i know. so i opted for my non-stick indoor grill to cook up these low-fat sliders.

grill ’em up:
– heat up indoor grill for 5min (or follow the instructions for your particular model of indoor grill.)
– place 4 patties on indoor grill and close the grill-press, so both sides will cook at the same time
– grill for approx 8-10min until bison sliders are cooked

(tip: to check if the patties are cooked through, remove from grill and make a small incision in the center of the patty. if already cooked, the meat should be no longer pink inside.) 

food styling:
instead of the traditional mini-bun slider, i opted for an open-faced slider with 2 bison mini-patties on 1 slice of artisan sourdough bread to make a long slider. a bit unconventional. but in the spirit of culinary experiments, why not?! ;)

– spread a little dijon mustard on 2 thick slices of artisan sourdough bread
– place 2 grilled bison mini-patties on each slice of sourdough
– top w/ sauerkraut (approx 1/4 cup split between two sammies)
– garnish w/ sprigs of fresh watercress
– serve w/ roasted fennel on the side

pairs nicely with a chilled honey-wheat ale. happy summer! :)

  1. Those burgers, err, sliders look amazing. And you know I love roasted fennel.


  2. These sliders look fabulous, and must be great with the sauerkraut. I would skip the fennel though.
    :-) Mandy


    • thanks, mandy! yes, the sauerkraut is awesome with the grilled bison. if fennel is not your thing, a fresh coleslaw or baked sweet potato fries would make a great side dish here.


  3. Yum. What a great way to welcome the summer! :)


  4. Yum! We generally have bison available at a local store, but I never knew what to do with it. Thanks for the perfect recipe to use.


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