seafood vermicelli & broccolini

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broccolini? say wha?! perhaps it’s the italian nickname for baby broccoli? :) broccolini is another lovely new veggie that i discovered at the local farmers’ market last weekend. (thanks to my friend jess for introducing me to this fab new ingredient!)

a vibrant spring green, the organic broccolini was the perfect match for the neutral hues of the seafood vermicelli. it’s almost as if they were mfeo. that’s fromage for made.for.each.other. ok, ok, i’ll stop with the cutesy banter already. ;)

check out this asian-inspired recipe featuring vermicelli — the same thin, rice noodles popular in vietnamese soups, noodle bowls and summer rolls.

the broccolini:
– chop off a portion of the bottom stems on a diagonal
– heat up 2 tsp extra-virgin olive oil (evoo) in large saucepan on medium heat
– add 1 medium shallot (rough chop) to pan
– add broccolini to pan w/ a 2-3 tbps of water
– add a dash of sea salt
– blanche broccolini for 2-3 min until vibrant green and semi-tender
– remove broccolini from pan & set aside

i found this awesome seafood medley from the fish vendor at the farmers’ market. the medley was a mix of scallops, prawns, squid, baby clams and pollock. alright, so the pollock was really just a ‘filler’, but the rest of the seafood in the medley was still fantastic value for the money.

the seafood:
– drain 2 cups frozen seafood medley in colander w/ cold running water to thaw
– brown 1 large shallot (rough chop) w/ extra-virgin olive oil (evoo) in large saucepan on high heat
– add 1/2 tsp fennel seed
– add thawed seafood medley to pan
– squeeze juice from 1/2 fresh lemon
– season w/ ground black peppercorns
– sauté seafood in pan for 5-7min, or until seafood is cooked

the vermicelli:
– bring medium pot of water to boil
– add 1/2 pkg of rice vermicelli to boiling water and immediately remove pot from heat
– allow vermicelli to ‘soak’ in water (removed from heat element) for 2-3 min until noodles are somewhat separated & semi-tender (but not soggy)
– drain vermicelli in colander or strainer, so all excess water & moisture removed from noodles

food styling:
– plate a generous helping of sauteed seafood medley on a small serving of rice vermicelli noodles
– add a side of broccolini
– season w/ ground black peppercorns
– squeeze fresh lemon juice over seafood medley
– makes for a light & tasty meal!

  1. That looks great. I just bought my first batch of broccolini this year. I love the texture. I think it’s really good for people who hate broccoli stalks.


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