spring bacon spaghetti squash

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ok, i’ll admit that i’m no bacon fanatic. shocking, i know. but somehow bacon seemed to be the perfect ingredient to add to this ‘spaghetti’ dish. <insert applause here>

the bacon:
– heat up 1.5 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil (evoo) in large saucepan on medium heat
– brown 1 large shallot (rough chop) w/ evoo
– add 5 strips of country-style bacon to pan
– fry bacon in pan for a few min until slightly crispy on both sides
– remove from heat & set aside on plate to cool
– pat bacon w/ papertowels to remove excess fat & oil

– preheat oven to 375F

spaghetti squash:
– gently wash spaghetti squash since you’ll be roasting it w/ rind
– cut spaghetti squash in half, along the vertical. gently scrape pulp and seeds using a fork.

(tip: if spaghetti squash is too hard to cut in half, place in bowl with 1/2 cup of water and microwave whole for 5min to soften rind before cutting.)

– gently brush evoo and sprinkle w/ ground black peppercorns

– place spaghetti squash in baking pan (squash side down). bake for 15-20min at 375F.
– allow to cool before handling. using a fork, the squash should ‘string’ out nicely just like spaghetti. true story. :)

some spring zing for the spaghetti:
toss the following ingredients w/ spaghetti squash in large prep bowl until combined well:
– 1/4 cup peppadew peppers (drained & sliced)
– 1/3 cup sundried tomatoes (rough chop)
– 1/8 cup fresh italian parsley (finely chopped)
– 1/4 cup avonlea cheddar cheese (grated)

food styling:
– sprinkle w/ fresh italian parsley (finely chopped)
– season w/ ground black peppercorns to taste
– sprinkle a bit of avonlea cheddar cheese (grated)

  1. Anything with bacon is a hit for me. your dish looks great. Sadly we don’t get spaghetti squash but we do have peppadews growing in our garden at home.
    :-) Mandy


  2. That bacon does look really good. Clap, clap, clap!


  3. Oh yes! Bacon on spaghetti squash! Balances out the guilty with the healthy!!! Yumm!!


  4. I just love spaghetti squash–can’t go wrong. And adding bacon!? I’m speechless. Sounds like such a delicious combo, Linda!


  5. Woops! I don’t know why I wrote Linda–sorry Mich! Probably because her comment is right above mine. :)


    • i don’t cook with bacon too often, so it was a nice surprise that the culinary experiment worked out well with the bacon & veggie combo! i guess you can’t really go wrong with cheddar either, can you? :) yummers.


  6. Yummmmm! I love spaghetti squash! Where do you get avonlea cheese?


    • avonlea cheese is from the cows grazing on prince edward island, canada! i don’t live in PEI, but i found some avonlea cheese at my local cheese shop. if you can’t find the avonlea variety, i’m sure that other cheddars would work well with this recipe, too. thanks for stopping by! :)


  7. […] is the ‘comfort food’ version of spring bacon spaghetti squash (see previous yumyumyummers recipe). all you need are some basic ingredients in your pantry and freezer. the perfect, easypeasy meal […]


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