vanilla banana smoothie

In breakfast, brekkie, brunch, culinary experiments, gluten-free, snacks, spa food, sweet treats, vegetarian on 05.10.11 at 5:26 am

fancy a glass full of banana-y vanilla goodness? this simple smoothie is so yummy and great for brekkie on-the-go or a pre-workout snack. enjoy!

blend well:
– 1 ripe banana, sliced into chunks
– 1 cup low-fat organic plain yogurt
– 1/4 cup skim or 1% milk
– 1/2 tsp pure vanilla

(tip: although i’ve never tried almond milk before, i’m guessing that almond milk would pair really nicely with the vanilla & banana flavours. just a thought. :) 

  1. Mmm, I have some vanilla soymilk AND some vanilla yogurt that needs to be used up. I am going to make this when I get back from my swim this afternoon :) Thanks!


  2. I will DEFINITELY be trying this!
    Please stop by and say hi


  3. […] vanilla banana smoothie […]


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