spinach avocado smoothie

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did you know that earth day is just around the corner? why not celebrate our fantastic green earth with a fantastic organic green smoothie?

spinach in a smoothie, you ask? yes, i suppose i was feeling brave that afternoon. spinach-infused bevvies are not typically my cup of tea, but fellow blogger lauren assured me that you can’t even taste the spinach. :)  so i was a bit adventurous and blended my version of the green smoothie with organic spinach, avocado & lemon juice. much like frozen bananas, the creamy texture of avocados works well in smoothie form.

blend well:
– 1.5 cups organic baby spinach leaves
– 1/2 large haas avocado (halved, pitted, peeled)
– 1.5 cups low-fat organic plain yogurt
– 1/4 cup skim or 1% milk
– dash of freshly squeezed lemon juice

ps – lauren was right. you can’t even taste the spinach. yummers. :)

  1. wow. this sounds really really healthy. I think the avocados and lemon juice must have masked the spinach taste well enuff to make this a delicious drink!


    • it was surprisingly the best of both worlds — healthy & delish! it was the perfect energy boost before my spin class that day. i guess popeye was right about spinach… :)


  2. Wooo! I’m so glad you tried and loved it! This looks incredible, I’m trying an avocado in my b-fast smoothie tomorrow :D

    thanks for the mention!



    • i love smoothies for brekkie or a pre-workout snack, but was starting to get a little bored with my usual fruit/veggie combos. thanks again for convincing me to give spinach a chance! :)


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