four-green ravioli

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no, that’s not a typo. not ‘four-cheese’ — four-green ravioli. kale, broccoli, zucchini & parsley goodness. yummers. and the best part? it’s a wonderful leftover redux recipe & easypeasy weeknight meal. holla!

so you may recall that oh-so-green recipe for zucchini kale soup from a recent yumyumyummers recipe. well, it yielded quite a large batch of über-healthy green soup. and i don’t know about you, but i like a little variety in my weekly menu and can only eat the same thing over and over again to an extent. so instead of freezing the leftover zucchini kale soup, i embarked on another culinary experiment to make an oh-so-green (healthy) cream sauce to go with my (store-bought) ravioli.

yes, store-bought ravioli. i haven’t yet ventured into the wonderful world of homemade ravioli, but i do welcome your tips on fab (but not time-intensive) recipes for homemade ravioli. i know they must exist somewhere! :)

this time around at the grocery store, i found a pretty good wholewheat ravioli with ricotta, cheddar & broccoli (green #4 in the ‘four-green’).

the ravioli:
– boil 1 pkg whole-wheat broccoli & cheese ravioli (al dente)
– drain & set aside

the green sauce:
– heat medium saucepan at medium heat
– add 2 cups leftover zucchini kale soup to pan (check out the yumyumyummers recipe)
– add 3 tbsp light creamcheese (at room temperature) to pan
– stir & simmer for 3-5min until creamcheese is melted & combined
– add boiled ravioli to pan & fold in cream sauce

revel in four-green goodness! yummers. :)

  1. I love your version of leftovers. Very cool!


    • thanks! i’m a big fan of leftover redux… especially when it turns into another yummy meal. :)

      ps – i tried making risotto for the first time today, inspired by your mushroom risotto post! stay tuned for a yumyumyummers risotto recipe coming soon.


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