dijon pepper & havarti grilled cheese

In brunch, culinary experiments, dinner, easy weeknight meals, lunch, snacks, vegetarian on 04.07.11 at 6:14 pm

i was totally one of those kids who loved to snack on a slice of cheese (or two!) with a tall glass of milk. some things never change. ;) grilled cheese ranks right up there with breakfast for dinner as one of my fave easy weeknight meals. although bread is no longer a staple ingredient in my kitchen, i do like to treat myself once in a while to some rustic wholegrain loaf from my fave bakery. this time around, it was another healthy bread option — flax loaf.

cutting the mustard:
combine the following ingredients in small prep bowl:
– 1.5 tbsp dijon mustard
– 1.5 tbsp old-style mustard
– drizzle w/ honey (optional to make homemade honey mustard)
– set aside.

sauteed peppers:
– heat up 2 tsp extra-virgin olive oil (evoo) in saucepan on medium heat
– add 1 orange bell pepper (pitted, seeded, sliced)
– season w/ ground black peppercorns & dash of salt
– sauté peppers for 2-3min until cooked

grillin’ the sammy:
– on the inside of 4 slices of flax loaf, spread mustard blend on each slice.
– place 1 slice of jalapeno havarti on inside of flax loaf
– pile on the peppers & sandwich together slices of flax loaf to make two sandwiches
– spread light margarine on outside of each slice
– press sandwiches firmly w/ kitchen spatula
– grill in saucepan on medium heat for 2-3min (flip sides) until toasted brown & cheese melted

food styling:
– cut sandwiches in 1/2 on the diagonal
– serve warm w/ tall glass of skim milk on the side. yummers. :)


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