quinoa red pepper sushi

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leftover ingredients is the name of the game today. sushi rolls with no seaweed and no white rice, you ask? yes, i got a little inventive with some leftover quinoa… and that abundant supply of red bell peppers that i bought on sale earlier this week. :)  this is an easypeasy dish that works well either as a meal or an appy.

prep the peppers:
– heat 1/2 cup water in small pot on stovetop, on medium heat
– 2 large red bell peppers (cut off caps & remove seeds)
(tip: for more pieces in your sushi roll, pick long red peppers.)
– place peppers (open side down) in pot and allow to steam for 2-3min, and set aside.

perk-up leftover quinoa:
– brown 1 cup leftover quinoa w/ extra-virgin olive oil (evoo) in small saucepan
– add caps cut from red bell peppers (rough chop, small pieces)
– add a few small pieces of low-fat, lactose-free cheese
– add organic sunflower seeds, crushed almonds or any nut variety that you have in your pantry
– combine ingredients & season w/ ground nutmeg & ground black peppercorns

stuff it:
– stuff the quinoa mixture into each red bell pepper, ensuring the quinoa is packed well
– insert thin pieces of low-fat, lactose-free cheese along the inner wall of peppers to help the ingredients stick
– cut the stuffed peppers into small rounds to resemble sushi rolls
– place sushi rolls in saucepan for 1min to warm & melt tops w/ thin pieces of low-fat, lactose-free cheese

food styling:
– season w/ fresh parsley (rough chop)

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