avocado smoked salmon wrap & organic spinach zucchini salad w/ honey balsamic vinaigrette

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simple & tasty. light & healthy. this was my post-workout dinner the other day when i was too lazy to cook up a big meal.

salmon is definitely up there as one of my fave foods of all time — whether it’s baked, sauteed, seared, smoked or raw. in this case, it was wild smoked sockeye salmon. you can easily find smoked salmon in the frozen seafood section at the grocery store… the smoked salmon just needs to thaw and it’s ready-to-eat!

the wrap:
– spread light creamcheese on one side of a whole-grain tortilla
– place a bed of organic spinach leaves in a horizontal line across the middle of the tortilla.
– place a few thin slices of smoked salmon on top of spinach leaves
– top it off with 1/2 haas avocado (sliced). season w/ lemon pepper & juice from 1/2 lemon.
– roll it up and it’s ready to go. :)

the salad:
– easypeasy… simply toss organic spinach leaves w/ zucchini (thinly sliced)

the dressing:
– 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
– 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
– 1 tsp honey
– dash of ground nutmeg
– dash of ground black peppercorns

that’s a wrap! (sorry, i couldn’t resist the pun. :))

  1. Yum! No if only I could get Hubster to eat salmon, then I would’ve have to wait until he goes out of town to make these…


    • i think you can still have your cake (um, i mean salmon!) and eat it, too. :) an easy compromise might be to swap some leftover chicken or turkey in the wrap for hubby. that way, you can still enjoy your smoked salmon!


  2. […] avocado smoked salmon wrap & spinach zucchini salad […]


  3. […] avocado smoked salmon wrap & organic spinach zucchini salad w/ honey balsamic vinaigrette […]


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