hello foodies!

In culinary experiments on 01.23.11 at 11:30 am

so here we are… welcome to yumyumyummers. a foodie blog all about culinary experiments in clean eating & cultural cuisine. i’ll try not to ramble on too much here — if you want to read more about the ‘why’ and ‘how’, check out about for more deets. in a nutshell, this blog combines three of my passions — food, fotography & travel.

i’m also not really one for following recipes to a ‘T’. so as you can imagine, i had to get the creative juices flowing to find simple & inventive ways to cook different healthy dishes, in keeping with a 3wk new year’s cleanse. in the spirit of having fun, i decided to mix things up by pursuing culinary experiments (read: no-recipe cooking with random ingredients on-hand in my pantry, or a feature ingredient that i’d never tried cooking with before) — sometimes inspired by a recipe or a foto, most of the time literally ‘experiments’ in my kitchen. friends who were following my culinary experiments during my 3wk cleanse expressed interest in these (non)recipes, so i thought what better way to share my love for food, fotography & travel than to start a blog. <enter yumyumyummers> :)

thanks for stopping by my little kitchen party. i hope you enjoy these culinary adventures as much as i do!



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